Christian is not a title, for me. Christian is not what I call myself, like, on a daily basis. I don’t walk around town and carry out business and introduce myself as Christian. Christian is not a word I use to differentiate myself from other world religions. I not a christian, in comparison to being Buddhist, Taoist, or Muslim.

I am a christian because of Jesus Christ and because the intensely important role he plays in my life.

Christian, Biblically speaking is more than a title. It’s more than a name. It’s more than a denominational affiliation. A christian is a person who follows The Lord Jesus Christ. A christian is a person who has experienced the supernatural.

I am a christian because of something that I have experienced. When I was first introduced to Jesus Christ, and learned of him, I think I was five or six years of age. It’s a long story, and I’ll write of it at another time. I was 14 years old when my parents decided to try church and God. I hated it, at first and wanted nothing to do with it. But because of his call and draw, I called out to Jesus and felt such a rush of love and forgiveness of sin that the reality of God was undeniable.

I am a christian, not only because of an experience. I am a christian because of an ongoing relationship with God. I try, each morning and sometimes at other times during the day to talk with God. He is real. He, The Lord Jesus Christ is the “only wise God.” It’s a privilege to know him.
ed arbeau